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Botanical Beauties

First of all, I have been wanting to try these Gins for an absolute age!! Agnes Arber Gins are named after the fantastic Botanist by the same name who was the first woman to receive the prestigious Gold Medal from the Linnean Society the world-famous institute for Natural History Studies. Agnes Arber continued throughout her extensive career until her death in 1960, to wow in the Botanical world and became a Historian of Botany. She published a library of books on Botany and Philosophy that is still referred to today. The three Gins produced are in full appreciation of Arber's work and really show how botanicals can be beautifully balanced. I can't not speak about the bottle! They are all stunning and are in eye-catching colour's of white, red and yellow. The square shape looks amazing on the Gin shelf and the graphic on the front of each bottle shows off the botanicals in each gin. The detail on the stopper is their logo and adds another elegance to the bottle. Now onto the contents, the best part!! All 3 gins are distilled using the traditional method of Pot Stilling. Premium Gin, is a mix of nine botanicals including Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Cassia, Grapefruit, Iris, Lemon, Liquorice and Orange. The botanicals give the Gin earthy notes, warming spice, citrus and sweet notes. I tried neat and with Indian tonic and the tonic elevates all of the flavours. It's smooth on the palate and has a lovely long finish. It's also a great base for many cocktails. At 41.6%abv it's really well balanced. Rhubarb Gin 41.6% abv- this gin uses the same recipe as their Premium Gin. After distillation Rhubarb is added to infuse it with the beautiful tartness flavour it brings. I tried neat over ice, with Tonics that again just elevate the beautiful flavours in this gin. It's definitely Rhubarb on the nose and is the forward element on tasting. The citrus also shines through and it's a beautiful smooth finish. I also tried this with Ginger Ale and this elevates the spice elements of the gin. Also great in Cocktails that benefit from a tart flavour. Pineapple Gin 41.6% again using their Premium Gin recipe, Pineapple and mango are infused post-distillation. On the nose, it's distinctively Tropical and fresh Pineapple wafts into your nose. It's delicious neat over ice and somewhat dangerously easy to drink!! I also tried with Indian tonic and again it's beautiful. The pineapple just hits your taste buds and there is a slight sweetness to it but not sickly sweet. I also tried this with a Valician Orange tonic and as a Pineapple Daiquiri. A very versatile and delicious Gin. If you are thinking about buying any of these Gins what are you waiting for? They are all beautifully balanced and most certainly a permanent fixture on my Gin shelf.


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