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Agnes Arber Gin – a taste sensation

I was delighted to see these three beautiful bottles arrive just before Christmas. Sunshine in a box, they came with two lovely glasses, all in a branded hessian bag. In the cold, wet weather what can be more uplifting than a tropical delicious gin to take you to a memory of warmer days? Agnes Arber gin is named after a famous botanist born in 1948. These gins have been developed in dedication to her study of the natural world with nine unique herbs and fruits, distilled together in Langley Distillery’s affectionately named Jenny, one of the oldest working copper gin stills in the United Kingdom. The bottles are adorned with stunning technical drawings like the drawings in many illustrated books published by Agnes. Not one to drink alone, I have taken these to friends and family parties over Christmas – I have always thought the best guests come with gin - however not sure bad etiquette to take them home? So, let’s start with a classic. Stunning white classy bottle with beautiful botanical colour designs. This is a classic premium juniper lead gin, clean and sharp with a hint of citrus. It was delicious with ice, plain tonic and a piece of lemon to bring out the citrus and balance the touch of liquorice. This was a favourite of my sister who is a purest when it comes to flavours and a big London dry lover. If I was a better sister I would have left it at her house after the visit! Next, I got the party started with a splash of colour – a stunning red bottle. Rhubarb juice is added to the original gin. Normally flavoured gins drop in ABV but this remains a solid 41.6%. This gin has a hint of pink in colour and taste, as alongside the Rhubarb is a fruity combo of grapefruit with a hint of strawberry. A delicious pink gin takes you to days by the river with friends. If you want to try something different, ginger ale goes fantastic with any Rhubarb gin. It adds amazing colour to my gin shelves too. Next is my absolute favourite, I am a huge lover of both pineapples in life and in drinks. My favourite cocktail is a Pina so having a gin with pineapple is like heaven for me. It appears I am not alone; Agnes Arber Pineapple won Best Flavoured Gin at the Gin Guide Awards 2022. The original gin is infused with pineapple and a subtle touch of mango, remaining full strength again at 41.6% ABV. This tropical, sweet, delicious gin is very moreish and pure sunshine in a glass. I highly recommend all three of these, beautifully balanced with traditional gin botanicals and natural flavours. All 70cl, these are fantastic value and are often on offer on Amazon.


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