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Eating Your Way Through the Seasons of Japan!

"Discover Japan Through Snacks" is what greets you as you open your snack box from Bokksu! Danny Taing, the founder of Bokksu, his mission statement is "to empower Japan's traditional snackmakers by sharing their authentic food and stories with the world." Bokksu (box in Japanese) is a monthly subscription snack box filled with an assortment of premium Japanese snacks and tea pairings. The box I received is a box that a new subscriber ordering from Bokksu would receive. Their "Seasons of Japan" box is a preview of various snacks through all four seasons of the year in Japan. The box comes with about 22 Japanese snacks, candies, and tea. Also included is a culture guide booklet explaining what the Seasons of Japan box are, shows which region in Japan your snacks came from, and a detailed description of all the snacks you can find in your box.  Receiving and opening the box filled me with so much joy and excitement! I've always had a huge interest in Japan, so I was thrilled to sample one of their boxes. I loved the variety of authentic treats it came with, like mochi, senbei, cakes, cookies, chips, and crackers. These were some of my favorites - seaweed citrus tempura, dondon yaki (tonkatsu flavor), mini red bean crackers, matcha choco chip cake, yuzu sake candy, and of course, the green tea bag (I'm a huge green tea lover!) If you decide to become a monthly subscriber, then you'll receive a box per month filled with an assortment of snacks and a tea pairing curated around a cultural theme. One day, I will sign up as a monthly subscriber :)


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