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Bone Idyll – a gift of true class

This was indeed a case of Instagram love. I have seen this brand all over Instagram. As a marketer, I was instantly drawn to the visual beauty of the brand. You are transported back in time to the back streets of Victorian London with a top hat, pocket watched, and loveable rogues. The Hype experience I chose was the Spirit Gift Box and London Dry Gin. Bone Idyll has an impressive range of products. Pink Gin, Barrel Aged Gin, Vodka, and pre-mixed cocktails, all with their own fabulous visual identity. The gift box arrived with a stunning Victorian countryside scene printed on a removable sleeve. When you slip this off, inside is a black high-quality, stylish reusable container with a rose gold Bone Idyll logo. Paper packaging has four tonics and the delicious Gin bottle within the quality. THE GIN Made in Kingston on the outskirts of London, Bone Idyl London Dry is not just a stylish bottle with a loveable rouge on the front. The gin inside is a smooth, dry 'ginny' gin. The Taste Leading with a punch of juniper, it then has a delightful citrus zing and fruity finish. I served it with a slice of grapefruit and lots of ice. I enjoyed trying the three different flavored tonics but honestly preferred just plain, so the botanicals shine through. I can't tell you much about the distillery, but they intend to open for tours in the summer of 2022, so they will continue to follow the account on Insta ( check them out ) to find out more and hopefully do a review my blog. If you are looking for a gift, this gift box is quality above the rest, both in style and content, one of my favorite hype experiences.