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crosstown ice cream - as good as their doughnuts!

Have always enjoyed crosstown doughnuts so was excited to try their ice cream! The texture was so creamy and I love how they're not too sweet. the classic dark chocolate & salt and the peanut butter & blackcurrant were probably my favs! Really enjoy the intense spiced flavour of the pumpkin cake one as well. The other flavours we got were crosstown cookie dough, Madagascan vanilla and strawberries and cream. I got a pack of 6 and would definitely recommend getting that when you're hosting a party at home - perfect for sharing! It would be great to have a pack of six and have it on a picnic in the park too. Even better if you get their doughnuts as well to pair them with the ice cream. It's never too cold for ice cream! The Christmas specials are out now as well - there's chestnut & brown butter, which is made out of spiced dough with chestnut custard inside, hand-dipped in vegan brown butter glaze, and topped with chunks of macadamia and roasted chestnuts. The other one is Black Forest Cake - the chocolate cake dough is filled with black forest compote, topped with white chocolate glaze, and dark chocolate soil, and finished with a homemade almond praline shard. The final Christmas special is pear and ginger, which is filled with a ginger-spiked pear compote, topped with Prana Chai glaze, complete with vanilla & candied stem ginger crumble. I am definitely excited to try these three Christmas socials!


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