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Field to Fork Venison, tasty choices.

When I spotted Deer Box, I was excited! I love to try different meats and cuts, and having a whole box delivered to my door takes the hassle out of it. Knowing that venison is lean, healthy meat and finding a sustainably sourced option is something any meat eater should be happy about. Deer Box has been awarded ‘Best Independent Game Retailer’ in the UK for two years running at the Eat Game Awards, so I had high expectations from this box. My delivery went off without a hitch, I wasn't home, but a family member was able to be at my house to sign for the box and leave it in my living room for when I got home. The products were delivered frozen, and the box was so well insulated with natural wool insulation and fantastic ice packs that I knew it would be find sealed until I was able to open it. On a side note, the ice packs are perfect for reusing for those long journeys or picnics, so don't throw them out straight away. At the top of the box was a piece of paper with some information about Deer Box, storage, defrosting and cooking instructions as well as a nice booklet with some recipe suggestions. My box contained: 2 x Persian Kofta (4 kebabs per pack) - Gluten Free 2 x Gluten Free Sausages (6 sausages per pack) 2 x Gluten Free Burgers (2 burgers per pack) - 1 x Standard and 1 x Mike’s Recipe 1 x Pave Steak Plain (2 steaks per pack) 1 x Pave Steak Persian Market (2 steaks per pack) 1 x Pave Steak Italian Herb (2 steaks per pack) I couldn't wait to tuck in! The first thing I cooked was the Italian herb pave steak, and I've never cooked any meat so carefully; a little bit of butter, and they were melting in the mouth. I had so much enjoyment eating this steak, and it was flavoursome and delicious! Unfortunately, the box arrived just before I was going away, so I didn't have many meals to enjoy before leaving home so we cooked the burgers to take with us and eat cold, and I was so surprised at how tasty they were - no sauces or even a roll, I just ate it by itself, and I was blown away. I can't wait to try the other burgers hot to see how they taste! The kebabs were also very tasty, and we still have another pack, so I may make them into meatballs to try them a different way. I really enjoyed this box, it was very versatile, so if you're a family who all like different things or you live alone, then you have some great choices to make from this one box. I am very impressed with the quality of the meat and will be placing further orders because it's nice to find a company that knows where their meat is sourced from and give you some great recipes to be able to make the most of this beautiful meat. I can see myself eating a lot more venison in the future, and I'm really happy knowing that it's sourced from an area relatively local to me and not being exported when it should be enjoyed close to home. Thanks Deer Box, keep up the great work!