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Lovely handcrafted Scottish gin from Ellis Gin

Lovely handcrafted Scottish gin from Ellis Gin 🍹 The four flavours I received were Lemon, Pink Shimmer, Butterfly Pea, and Bramble 🤩 Each flavour is just so delicious and some even change colour when they’re mixed with tonic! I was very excited to receive this box and it was delivered super fast once I placed my order. The gin arrived in a cute pink box that fit through the letterbox, along with a handy information sheet with recommendations for how to mix and garnish each gin 💖 Each bottle looks like an adorable potion bottle from Harry Potter! My absolute fave was the Butterfly Pea flavour 🦋 which comes as a vibrant blue that magically changed to lilac when I added tonic - it was so pretty!! I also loooved the Pink Shimmer which is a glittery, strawberry flavoured gin that tastes like summer in a bottle ☀️ The Bramble is a firey red colour that turns vibrant orange when added to the tonic, it was great with a slice of orange 🧡 Last but not least, the lemon gin was the perfect amount of citrus, so refreshing with a little bit of a kick 🍋 A selection box would be the perfect Christmas present for a gin lover to try some fun new flavours (or a nice treat for yourself 😉) or Ellis gin also sell larger bottles on their website if one really takes your fancy! The hard part will be deciding which one you enjoyed the most 😍