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Gram Cafe at San Francisco, CA. I want to start by saying thank you, Gram Cafe, for the wonderful experience and service. We appreciate you! This excellent and vibrant cafe with the best pancakes Alvin and I have ever had! The staff here is amiable. They are very proud to work for Gram Cafe; it was such a positive vibe here. Gram Cafe is a contemporary all-day brunch serving Japanese sweet & savory pancakes, smoothies, and other delicious foods. It's located right in Stonestown Galleria, right by the Apple Store. The mall is bustling on the weekends, so plan to come early. Keep in mind that the Soufflé pancakes take 30 minutes to make, so prepare to get your chill on and try other items on the menu. What we ordered: Crème Brûlée Pancakes Matcha Crème Brûlée Pancakes Strawberry Milk Premium Tiramisu Espresso Smoothie ToGo : Wagyu Beef Curry Cool Premium 5 Pcs Those Soufflé pancakes were bomb asf! Soooo soft, fluffy, and rich these pancakes were worth the wait. The caramelized top had a nice balance with the Matcha, and it tasted so delicious like a cloud. Even though the pancakes are light, you can still get full off eating them. Premium Tiramisu was super good. It has cake, ice cream, and custard inside a cup with cocoa powder. This is a must-try, such a delicious dessert. The espresso smoothie and strawberry milk were good. You get the option of changing your milk if you prefer almond or soy. The Waygu Beef Curry, omg, this is so good. I usually eat a patty only when it's a burger or sliders. But this dish here was very different but also tasteful. It's a beef patty on rice with curry and a poached egg. This also is a must-have! When you first see it, it is like, what is that? Because it's not your typical day-to-day meal like a hamburger, but once you try it, this dish is so mouth watering! We ordered excellent premium five pc to go ( cold pancakes with creme): Ube, sesame, original, Oreo, strawberry. Cute little snacks which we enjoyed for our Sunday brunch :) thank you. We enjoyed everything from the food to the service. It was a fun & tasty experience!