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Teatime at Church

Host Café is a wonderful, unique spot in central London to go for lunch or just for a tea or coffee break. It would also be a nice place to work as they have excellent wifi. The café is inside an actual church which makes a nice change from the usual high street cafés . The Guild Church of St Mary Aldermary is of medieval origin and has gothic architecture, which I love. Most of the seating is structured using a long table and benches on either side, so there is enough space for small groups. We tried the matcha latte and cappuccino; both were lovely and beautifully presented. We also tried the mandarin and chocolate cake, peanut butter blondie, banana bread, carrot cake, almond croissant and blueberry croissant. We liked all of them apart from the peanut butter blondie, which we thought was too dry. There were many vegan and gluten free options, so people with various dietary restrictions will be able to eat here. Also, the service was very friendly and fast. Unfortunately, the cafe closes at 4 pm and is not open at the weekend, so it is not ideal for people who work nine to five jobs. However, if you are able to visit, we highly recommend trying this place. The setting of the café makes it a very peaceful place to visit. We will definitely be back to try some more of their cakes and the iced drinks now that the outside temperature is much hotter.