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Isle of Bute Gin 🌊

The Isle of Bute is a small Scottish island, with some beautiful and varied landscapes. Rolling hills, cliffs and dramatic skylines make it interesting as well as stunning. This small batch gin is crafted using a traditional copper still on the beautiful Isle of Bute. The botanicals are sourced from this quaint Island giving this gin a herbal and fruity taste. Head Distiller, Simon Tardivel, has worked all over the world as a multi award-winning distiller and brewer before settling on the Island and producing this gin. I served this herby gin with crushed basil and it was so so so DELICIOUS. You can also serve with lime too or a bit of both which they recommend themselves! And don’t forget lots of ice of course. The perfect evening or weekend drink, or whenever you fancy one. The gin bottle has a pretty printed landscape on the background which makes the bottle itself also beautiful as well as the gin! Once the gin is finished I’m going to use it as a candle holder for my house! Make sure you check out their other gins online, including their new oyster gin which is made with oyster shells in the still. They also have a stunning looking gorse gin, and a Heather gin and an oak gin, all using the islands produce. Check out their website for the full list of their gins, they even have one which supports a local charity! This is a stunning craft gin from a stunning place 🌊


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