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Beckett’s Beautiful Gins

I had the pleasure of trying the trio of Beckett's Gin miniatures - I love exploring new gins, and these were a delight to the eyes and the taste buds. The gorgeous green presentation box of Beckett's trio is a present worthy to go under any tree or in any gift bag. Opening the magnetic box really elevated the experience, and even after finishing the gins, I didn’t want to throw the box away! After opening the silver foiled forest green gift box, you are presented with three beautifully cubed miniatures - there’s something that feels a bit premium about cubed gins, and that also makes the box feel even more special. The box includes 50ml versions of three Beckett's Gin - the original Beckett's London Dry Gin (40%), the ruby red Beckett's Sloe Gin (29%) and the newer Beckett's Spirited Gin (44%). The standout gin for me was the Beckett's Sloe Gin - which had a deep port flavour that wasn’t too sweet or too sour. It blended perfectly with bitter lemon (an odd choice, I know, but I would recommend it). Beckett’s recommended a Sloe Royale, and I agree, it would match well with a dash of fizz too. The Beckett's London Dry Gin is a refreshing traditional gin, complimented well with the classic slice of lemon although Beckett's recommends a sprig of mint (alas, my kitchen could only provide a polo mint!). It is a smooth, fresh, easy-to-drink gin and would be a good fit on any cocktail bar. Finally, the Beckett's Spirited Gin which clearly had its base from the London Dry but a dash more, well, spirited! The flavours were more zingy, and I felt the citrus fruit and root spices sing even more clearly in their newest gin. While it is a high proof, there wasn’t too much of a kick, so it was still very smooth to taste. Overall, I enjoy each of the Beckett’s Gins and would be happy to add the full-size bottles to my cocktail bar - especially the Sloe Gin. The beautiful gift box will be stashed away, and I’m sure I’ll be ordering another box for gifts in the future.


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