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Welcome to the Wild West

Welcome to Coldwater’s finest saloon: Moonshine Saloon and theatrical experience. As soon as you are greeted at the venue it feels like you’ve been transported back to the wild west. Gunslingers are real, the sheriff is nosy and the moonshine business has to be kept off the books! Your job is to drink the drinks made by the thoughtful and wonderfully mastered bar staff and keep out of trouble so the sheriff doesn’t suspect you. Great fun for any age, this theatrical experience immerses you in the bootleg times of Moonshine. The venue offers great nostalgic pieces paying homage to the typical western saloon interior. Drinks are thoughtfully prepared, where the crafty bar hands are there to address any of your alcoholic dreams. Sneak a bottle of your choice of alcohol in, and watch it be turned into masterful creations. Throughout the experience, guests are given 4 drinks with an additional shot included (but don’t let the sheriff know). Drinks vary between sweet and sour, and the bar staff do ask your preferences. The experience would ideally be suited for larger groups and is a perfect idea for that cowboy / cowgirl in your life. Overall, I think it was a fun experience and would recommend as something to do for a change on a night out. I really enjoyed the fact that it was something different and combined an element of drama and live theatre. Given the time frame of the experience (1.5hrs) it allows guests to schmooze with their group while also still being able to sample the bar menu with ease.


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