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Little bit of bliss

These Octo London candles are that little bit of bliss that's needed after a long day or just some quiet time. Hand poured and packed with natural ingredients, these soy candles from Octo London have a light but lasting fragrance. I opted for the Hygge (500ml) and Midnight Breeze (120ml) candles and both smell divine. I also have the Bergamot (500ml) candle which I burn on a daily basis and has lasted over a month and a half so far (still half a candle left). Best to burn for at least an hour so the wax has time to evenly burn. Packaging is gorgeous too and boxes are packed with love and care. A great gift for someone or a lovely treat for yourself! The Octo London team are based in South East London and each candle is hand poured. You can purchase a monthly candle subscription where each month you'll receive a new candle to try. Candles come in three different sizes and pictured you'll see the 500ml three wick candle (Hygge) and the smallest size of 120ml (Midnight Breeze). There's also a 180ml size candle which is the perfect middle ground. Octo have a number of different candles and I will most likely be buying some more to sample in the future! These candles really are a treat to have as there are no awful chemical smells from the wax. The jars are also super cute and I will definitely be using them are storage containers once the candles run out. A truly special delivery and I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a new candle!