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Vegan Doughnuts for Champions

Planet Doughnut delivered just the doughnuts we wanted and needed with my flat mate after her bodybuilding competition. Both me and my flat mate are competitive body builders who are massive foodies at the same time. I wanted to organise some treats for my flat mate's show that she would absolutely love after coming off stage. When I saw that Planet Doughnut was doing home deliveries, I knew I had to order some of their vegan doughnuts. I'm not sure how many of you know how competitive bodybuilding works, but preparing for a competition requires insane amounts of discipline, long months of dieting and lifting heavy weight consistently. My flat mate (pictured with medals biting into a doughnut) has been in competition prep for a full 20 weeks, not able to eat anything off-plan. She's been telling me how much she'd love to have a doughnut after her show, as that's the only thing she's been craving all throughout competition prep. So, I took the opportunity and got the vegan box. I wish you could see her face when it arrived, as she was preparing to leave for her show a day out. She screamed and laughed in joy as we unwrapped the carefully individually wrapped treats. The box contained six beautiful doughnuts: Jammie Dodger, Salted Caramel, Party Rings, Glazed, Biscoff and Oreo. Unfortunately we couldn't have it then and there, as she still had to stick to her diet plan and I wanted to enjoy the doughnuts with her and some of our friends who were competing in the same show. It had to wait till she stepped off stage. Which she did, with two medals! I was waiting for her ad our friends to come out of the backstage area with the doughnuts in my hands, and oh boy... everyone jumped on the box. The greatest thing was that some of our friends who are lactose intolerant and/or allergic to eggs could also have them, as they were vegan. I also managed to get a bite of some of them, and I have to say, I was not disappointed. The dough was nice and fluffy, the toppings were perfectly balanced and the extra filling in the middle was just amazing. Planted Doughnut truly outdid themselves with these doughnuts. Everyone loved them, and especially now with deliveries, it has never been more convenient to have doughnuts that taste and look great.