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Sea Arch -The holy grail of non-alcoholic gin

As a gin collector and gin lover, I have been on a journey to find a non-alcoholic ‘gin’ that meets my expectations and botanical taste desires. If the product claims to be a ‘gin’ or alcohol-free spirit then I expect the botanicals to truly sing. It has been a long journey with much disappointment and face-pulling (so I’m told) with one of the mega gin brand non-alcoholic spirits smelling and tasting like new carpet, yuk! I have tried more than a few products on my quest for a botanical taste sensation and had only experienced plastic tasting, watery and mouldy tasting products that ended up down the sink. As I was about to admit defeat, I received a set from Hype Experiences and Sea Arch which included a bottle of Sea Arch non-alcoholic gin, pre-mixed cans of Sea and T and Rose Sea and T. With trepidation I poured myself a Sea Arch, the first hint of the aroma and my eyebrows hit the roof, what an amazing rich botanical and complex aroma. I could barely contain my excitement as I took a sip; the flavours dance on your tongue, taking you on a flavour journey that is savoury, zesty and herbaceous. I don’t mind admitting that I did a happy dance as I had finally found the Holy Grail of non-alcoholic gins. With Sea Arch’s bold and complex botanicals that create a sophisticated, crisp and refreshing drink; that truly makes you forget there is no alcohol in your glass, it’s official my quest is over and I am in love! Sea Arch is a taste sensation with aromatic juniper and juicy grapefruit giving a clean, crisp taste on the palate, followed by the savoury, herbaceous coastal notes and rounded off with a warmth and spice finish Sea Arch is produced on the Devon coast by Sarah and Geoff Yates and contains local botanicals that create a drink that is crisp and refreshing like a walk along the Devon Coast. It is produced using traditional distillation techniques which allows the botanicals to create a depth of flavour, then the alcohol is removed to leave the liquid with 0% abv. The Yates mission was to create a drink full of flavour and sophistication but without the alcohol, the botanicals used are juniper, hand-harvested sea kelp, samphire, blood orange, grapefruit, coriander, cardamom and sage. These botanicals are mixed together to achieve a clean and dry tasting sophisticated drink with aromatic juniper, fresh coastal notes, juicy citrus tones, complex layers of spice and a long warm finish. Sea Arch is so flavoursome it can be drunk on its own over ice with a slice of orange or the recommended serve which is with a light tonic 1:3 ratio. It can also be used to create a fabulous range of mocktails, there are lots of recipes featured on their webpage which is worth checking out. The packaging is show-stopping and stands out from all other competitors. The bright blue coated bottles are vibrant and classy with hints to its coastal heritage in the colour, logo and graphics. The premixed cans are a fabulous idea for on the go and picnics coming in two flavours these are the Sea and T and the Rose and T. The Sea and T is a play of words on a G and T. This drink features Sea Arch non-alcoholic spirit with light tonic. The Rose Sea and T feature Sea Arch non-alcoholic spirit with a low-calorie raspberry and rose-infused tonic. The resulting drink is zingy and bright with more sweetness than the original. This drink has the crispness of ripe raspberries with delicate floral hints with a tingle on the tongue before the citrus and herb notes finish off. What is not to love about this brand, the drinks are vegan, contain zero calories, have no sugar or sweetener and are allergen-free. Plus Sustainability and having the lowest possible impact on the environment is a big focus for this brand they don’t have single-use plastic in their packaging, they use recycled cardboard for their boxes and solvent-free paint on the bottles. They even recycle the alcohol removed from the distillation process. Like I said, what is not to love? I am so happy to have found Sea Arch, this is the only non-alcoholic spirit that is being served to my guests and has gained pride of place on my gin display shelves. The average price for a 70cl bottle is £25.