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Amazing treats delivered to your door!

Tailorbakes delivered the most amazing treat box to me on a chilly Friday afternoon and it was a sight for sore eyes! I had a mix of brownies and cookies, as well as the most amazing cake in a tub! They call this the Christmas Treat box and this is a wonderful mix of fresh treats in perfect timing for a most amazing Christmas! This lovely box had 3 cookie pies, 3 large brownies, 1 cake tub, 1 kinder cookie bar, 3 Lindor chocolates, and a Merry Christmas topper. They are all freshly baked and they have a whole other range of treat boxes and different flavours of cookies and brownies. The cake tub was one of my favourite items! A moist vanilla sponge with raspberry conserve and vanilla buttercream, I did not want to share it! The kinder cookie bar was also a favourite and it was full of flavour and with real kinder pieces - it took me back to my childhood of kinder treats! The cookie pies were flavoured as ginger and chocolate, mince pie and Terry's orange, and the brownies were flavoured as gingerbread, snowman (which is a chocolate gooey brownie with Nutella and KitKat snowman), and Christmas tree (white chocolate gooey brownie with mini chocolate Christmas trees and white chocolate curls. All these lovely treats lasted days and still tasted super fresh and like they were just baked! They have many other products and flavours which I am looking forward to trying, so I highly recommend you check their website and get ordering!! I love this quote, from their website: “A bake isn’t just a bake, but a moment of true family love. Tailorbake stems from a brother's sweet tooth indulgence and a little sister's ambition to explore the art of baking”.


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