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Beautiful - a lovely posh cocktail!

What can I say other than what a way to have luxury at home! The perfect way to spend a night at home with luxury posh cocktails, that were way better than any in a restaurant! All with the added fun of cocktail making. The packaging, postcard, recipe card was presented beautifully. This would make the loveliest gift for someone or for yourself. With the elegantly styled packaging, it feels like a real treat and I was genuinely excited to receive this through the door, as would anyone be. It would simply be a greatly received gift, if not for yourself, and something different from the usual post-box gifts. With that real element of luxury. You can also fully personalize your cocktail experience which is wonderful and even name your own menu. What better way to enjoy a fresh cocktail. The menu and postcard added to the luxury element of the box, really adding that personal touch and allowing me to connect with the brand and the drink. Each and every detail had been thought of, and the cocktail itself was simply stunning. I tried the ‘Green Grocer Highball’. This was the perfect blend of apple and Johnnie Walker whisky. The dehydrated apple topper was a lovely touch and really added that luxury element on top of the rest of the full cocktail experience. It was the ultimate refreshing way to spend my Friday night. I cannot wait to order my next one and I certainly will be ordering as gifts. A wonderful experience.


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