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I first came across The Ludlow Nut Company several years ago at the fabulous Ludlow Food Festival. I took home a jar of their Creamy Hi-Oleic Peanut Butter, which has much higher levels of monounsaturated fats than normal peanuts. It was all gone before I knew it! So I was very happy to have the chance to review more of their range, which covers nut butters, granola, porridge, muesli, nuts, seeds and more. These are all made, baked or mixed by hand in small batches in Ludlow. I received the following selection of goodies from their website: - Luxury Pecan & Maple Granola - Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts - Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans - Creamy Hi-Oleic Peanut & Coconut Butter - Crunchy Hi-Oleic Peanut Butter First in line was the granola. It was a delicious blend of toasted UK grown oats, four different seeds, lightly toasted pecan nuts and pure Canadian maple syrup. I enjoyed the different textures of the ingredients and the balance of all the flavours. The maple syrup wasn’t sickly sweet, but just the right amount to sweeten everything and also to balance the savoury nuttiness. This is also available in Original, Hazelnut Crunch and Gluten-Free versions. Next were the milk chocolate covered Brazil nuts. Did you know that Brazil nuts are a rich dietary source of selenium, an essential mineral vital for good health? I was amazed at the size of these when I opened the resealable bag - they are HUGE! When I bit into one, you can see the thickness of the chocolate, as well as the size of the premium, whole Brazil nut inside. The chocolate is smooth and melting on the tongue - it was definitely an indulgent treat. If you’re not a milk chocolate fan, they come enrobed in dark (plain) chocolate as well. I absolutely love chocolate covered coffee beans, as the flavours go so well together. These are available in a gift jar with a sweet ribbon gift tag and chic black and silver label. I’ve been having a few of these after dinner as a treat. These are lovely, crunchy beans with no bitterness, just a jolt of intense coffee flavour. For those that want to eat these by the handful, you can also order these in 500g and 1kg bags. Finally the nut butters! I decided to try the peanut & coconut butter and leave the crunchy in reserve for now. Winning gold in the Best New Product category at the Ludlow Food Festival, this is made from freshly milled hi-oleic peanuts, lightly toasted tropical coconut flakes and a dash of Himalayan pink salt. There’s a little natural separation, so just stir the contents before you get spreading or spooning. The coconut smells divine and the nut butter itself is so tasty and creamy. You won’t be able to stop eating this! I was very happy with my selection of goodies and would gladly buy them all over again when I eventually finish my current supply. I can see why so many of their products have won foodie awards - everything tastes great and is of excellent quality. Stores such as Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason agree too! There are lots of gift jars, trays, tins and hampers available if you’re already starting to think of Christmas shopping - whether to treat yourself or others! Instagram: @theludlownutco