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Mulan Rouge immersive cabaret experience!

An immersive cabaret experience inspired by the wonderful worlds of Disney’s Mulan and Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge. A very well thought-through and hilarious experience! Located in Waterloo’s graffiti tunnel, Mulan Rouge sets the scene with its red, sensual lighting and friendly ticket receptionists. Upon entering, we were warmly greeted with Mulan themselves, with a great stage presence and an already amusing exchange with the audience. Mulan sets the scene during the first act, explaining the backstory and hinting at what to expect from the rest of the evening. Catering to Covid safety measures, they then called each group into the main hall individually. The main hall was decorated exquisitely, with two large banquet tables, two stages, and various individual tables for small groups/couples. Starters included brie and bread, and kindly catering to my lactose intolerance, I was presented with an aubergine hummus and vegetables - devoured just in time for the second act. The story follows Mulan, who disguises themself as a man to join the war effort, but when their regiment commandeers the glittering Mulan Rouge club, they find themselves surrounded by glitz, glamour, and go-go girls. The main course included pulled lamb, roast potatoes, and vegetables and for the vegetarians/vegans, a scrummy butternut squash dish! Lest we not forget the amazing, colorful cocktails on offer here! I was particularly impressed by the green fairy shot. We also shared a bottle of red wine, which accompanied the lamb beautifully. The third act was by far the best. Full of punny jokes and innuendos, it had us all in laughing fits, but I won’t give too much away… With bellies and hearts full, they sweetened us up even more so with dessert! So leave your gender at the door and attend Mulan Rouge to find out more! Dress code: a hot Paris night at the Mulan Rouge. I’d recommend you dress to impress because they certainly do!