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London | The Medieval Banquet

Pretend to be a knight, pretend to be a wench, but don’t pretend you are not hungry. The Medieval Banquet Experience will dish out a real ‘COOKED’ banquet made to fill up a real big sweaty knight who just trekked through mile after mile returning from a swampy battlefield. Join King Henry VIII at his royal banquet and be part of 1,000 years’ history at London’s extraordinary dinner-theatre experience. Go back in time to the days of kings, queens, knights, acrobats and jesters at this fascinating venue. Shout for your Wench or dance with a unicorn at a fantasy adventure set at your table. Food isn’t there to be slapped on your table. The best meals are always served with a song and a dance, a concept that they have taken to a new level. Our banquets are cooked in house using fresh ingredients led by the Head Chef. Ale, wine and a Non-Alcoholic alternative are included during the meal and for anything else you may wish to purchase they have a small but well-stocked bar which is competitively priced.

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