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Fancy tasting exquisite Italian cuisine? Emilia's Crafted Pasta is a newly opened restaurant in Aldgate, where the business of pasta is taken very seriously indeed. They were among the first who breed simple, fresh, well-made and affordable pasta in London. On their menu, you`ll see all kinds of pasta - rigatoni, farfalle, bucatini and many more. Freshly made every morning, the pasta itself is chewily al dente with the sauces perfectly mopped up with a snappy side of green beans in pesto. Desserts include lemon and polenta cake, amaretti and cantuccini biscuits. The restaurant has a mixture of chef's table bar counter seating, window seating, casual seating, tables and an outdoor area. Pasta is made in full view of passers-by and served from a fully-opened kitchen, combining the warmth and welcome of an Italian kitchen with the theatre and passion behind the pasta. With Emilia’s, you’re reminded that, when made with care, the simplest of Italian dishes can be nothing short of exquisite.

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