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Sparkling Rose Mansion in NYC is hosting fantastic events this festive season and we're looking for content creators to help us get the word out and create beautiful content :) Some more info about the upcoming events can be found below. EXTRAVERTED WEEKEND - Nov 22 - Nov 24 The Rose Mansion will be putting the EXTRA in extraverted by embracing all things, edgy, exaggerated, and avant-garde. Guests are encouraged to deck themselves out in tulle, sequins, sparkles, bold patterns, neon colors, wacky wigs, and anything else ostentatious. The gaudier, the better. Then, live your best extra life by grabbing a fancy AF Frosé and watching over-the-top entertainment in RoséLand. Seriously, they want to see outfits that make Lady Gaga’s ensambles ROYALS NIGHT - Dec 4 The Royal family of Rosé cordially invites you to join the team for a Royal Ball at Rosé Mansion Palace on December 4. All guests are encouraged to wear their most regal attire and don a sparkly crown or tiara for this majestic occasion. Embrace aristocracy as you spend the evening mingling with other highborns and sipping Queen Elizabeth’s favorite bubbly. The royal court will be entertained with a fabulous drag performance by the 3 Fine Wines in RoséLand. All guests will also be presented with a complimentary costume item fit for a Queen. GLITTER’S 85TH BIRTHDAY BASH - Dec 12 - Dec 13 Glitter was invented 85 years ago in New Jersey, so they’re throwing Glitter a dazzling birthday bash like you’ve never seen before. Join them on Thursday, December 12, as they celebrate Glitter in all of its glimmering glory with glitzy party favors, sparkling cocktails, light snacks, a glitter bodypainting station, a live DJ and flashy performances in RoséLand. ROARING ‘20S WEEKEND - Dec 13 - Dec 15 Break out the fringe and feathers. You’re invited to revel in the glitz and glam of the Roaring ‘20s at Rosé Mansion on the weekend of December 13-15. They’re dimming the lights, popping open the bubbly and taking you back to the art deco era with vintage costumes, special characters in RoséLand, and all that jazz. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this party, Old Sport. REINDEER GAMES SHOWDOWN - Dec 18 Put on your game face and prepare to sleigh the competition. They’re hosting an evening of Reindeer Games at Rosé Mansion on December 18. Sip Rosé and embrace your inner-Rudolph as you play reindeer-inspired games with your fellow herd members, mingle with North Pole characters, and watch a dazzling Drag Show by the 3 Fine Wines in RoséLand. HOLIDAY EXPLOSION WEEKEND - Dec 20 - Dec 22 ‘Tis the season to celebrate the holidays, and they couldn’t decide on which one so they’re celebrating them all, in Holiday EXTRA fashion. Throw on a Santa hat, spin some dreidels, and snap selfies with the Easter Bunny at the Holiday Explosion Weekend on December 20-22. They’re making the Mansion look festive AF and reppin’ our favorite holidays with costumes and merry characters in RoséLand. It’s basically the holiday party you wish your company threw every year. Plus, Janice from accounting won’t be there to judge you for doing shot skis and swinging on a chandelier. ROSÉ CHALET WEEKEND - Dec 28 - Dec 29 Calling all snow bunnies! You’re invited to join the crew for an Aprés Ski party at the Rosé Chalet on the weekend of December 28-29. Bundle up in furs, show off your favorite styles from the slopes and experience the world through Rosé-tinted goggles. They’re celebrating the winter season with icy Frosés, Rosé shot skis, and alpine entertainment that will give you the chills. And many more!

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