Review Craft Beer Tasting & Educational Tour @ Camino Brewing

San Jose | Camino Brewing Company

Join us to review a fantastic craft beer experience at Camino Brewing Co. in San Jose. You'll have a chance to enjoy a fascinating small tour through the brewery itself with the great opportunity to ask any questions related to the brewing process. You'll then get a Crafted Beer Tasting with up to 10 unique beer samples on tap. Right now, they’ve got amazing, hazy IPA’s like The Ambler, and a new version of NE on tap, along with the popular Peach Tea Pale Ale. The old favorite Café con Leche is a well-bodied stout that tastes like iced coffee, without being too roasty. Special Release of Ferryman Barrel Aged will enchant you with the notes of cocoa nibs, oatmeal cookies and bourbon, carrying on the aroma all the way through the glass. This is where you can find the best compliment of bitter, sweet, hop and malt flavors that`ll keep you coming back for more.

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