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New York | Brooklyn EXPO Center

Coffee and Tea Lovers! Are you ready to spend your heavenly weekends at the grand NYC Coffee and Tea Festival? Hurry up to enjoy a cup of joe or a spot of tea at the Brooklyn Expo Center location. Join more than 75 exhibitors from around the nation as they pour tastings of their finest coffees and teas, and introduce you to new and award-winning products! This international extravaganza will offer two days of seminars from well-known industry pros and pioneers, pairings, tastings and more! The exhibit hall will also feature some of the most delectable sweet and savory foods to compliment the spectacular collection of local and national coffees and teas. This year’s event is going green thanks to event tasting cup sponsor Teapasar who will be bringing beautiful custom-made Yixing clay glazed porcelain tasting cups for all attendees. Teapasar will also be leading a seminar called Online Tea Matchmaking: FindingYour Perfect Blend with Science. Other seminars (some free, some require modest materials fee) cover a variety of topics including Ethiopian coffee and culture; tea trends; preparing and enjoying Italian iced coffee; understanding Taiwan’s Baozhong Oolong and more.

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