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San Francisco | Municipal Pier

Time to push your boundaries, break free from your comfort zone and start training smart & purposefully! That`s what the Revision Athletics is all about. The founder of the club Alex Ho strongly believes that everyone has the athlete inside waiting to be unleashed! Most of the training classes are held outdoors at the Aquatic Park Pier and are aimed to mobilize your joints, strengthen your muscles, improve your coordination, increase your endurance, and focus your mind. Expert trainers will also educate you on how to move your body to avoid injuries, why we do certain exercises, and how to get the most out of each workout. All classes are for group training so it`s a great way to receive that extra motivation to get up and go. Be ready to get a little dirty as certain workouts are taking place at the beach and near the water. And make sure to wear workout gloves since you will be using your hands on hard surfaces. Go for it! Get up and join this outdoor adventure! *We need 24 hours to organize this review Visit, kindly don't book last minute.

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