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Join us at the Alameda Barrel House, Brewery and Taproom to enjoy the barrel-aged fresh beers onsite where they are brewed. Being the former airplane hangar, this unique spot boasts an indoor beer hall with soaring ceiling heights up to 35 feet, hundreds of oak barrels and an outdoor beer garden overlooking San Francisco Here, water, malt, yeast and hops are combined to create an unusual, seasonal beer with equal parts sweet and bitter. The main focus is put on crafting deep fruit beers like Cherry Berry, Plum Fairy, Tropical Galaxy and Fruit Cobbler. What's more, all beers are racked into oak barrels to absorb hints of toasted vanilla and oak from the barrel. Choose a rotation of sandwiches, salads, and barbecue from the food truck to pair with your drinks. Curious how the beer is made? Come enjoy a brewery tour to find out what makes Almanac, Almanac. Tours are held on weekends and offer guests a unique experience to wander through the brewery and gain insight into farm-to-barrel brewing practices. You`ll learn about the process, from milling the grain to bottling the beer, while listening to the philosophy of using locally sourced fruit to create artisan ales that are uniquely Californian. *We need at least 24 hours to organize this Review Visit, kindly don't book last minute.

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