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Review the hottest yoga classes in Santa Monica. Hot 8 Yoga studio has introduced fitness practices held in a heated room which will help you to stretch muscle fibers and tendons and prevent injuries to these areas while stretching. Among other benefits, you will: - Learn proper posture and alignment - Be introduced to accessible and fundamental anatomy - Educate yourself on Yoga Philosophies. Don`t hesitate to join some of the high energy classes like 'Yoga Sculpt' that combines free weights with yoga and cardio to increase stamina, strength and define every major muscle group or Hot 8 Extreme class being a fusion of resistance training, high-intensity aerobics, vinyasa movements and stretching. Dare to try candlelit 'Place of the Way' Advanced Level Class that successfully integrates Asana, Martial Arts Systems and Animal Form Movements into creative flow sequences. If you are new to yoga, or just not used to the heat, they have foundation level classes that are both accessible and challenging. You`ll be provided with a slower paced program and more description accompanying each asana (posture). *We need at least 24 hours to organize this Review Visit, kindly don't book last minute.

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