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Help us review a modern Greek restaurant Souvla inspired by casual souvlaki joints found throughout Greece and featuring a comfy patio for sunny days drinking, shipping containers doling out sweet delights, and, now, pita-wrapped deliciousness. The menu is pretty straightforward, offering the customer four options for the main dish - three protein and one vegetarian, done as a sandwich or salad with the ability to customize. Great pita lies at the core of the experience. It’s soft, a bit chewy, warm, and stands up to the sauces and meats. In other words, it’s perfect for some magical wraps, especially when filled with rotisserie roast pork, chicken or lamb meat, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions and cheese. Don’t miss out on the frozen Greek yogurt topped with cherry/honey syrup and baklava crumbles and served in the classic “NY Cup.” Beverages list will include white, rose and red wines as well as cold Greek beer and refreshing iced tea. The Souvla restaurants could also be reviewed at the following locations: Hayes Valley, NoPa, and Marina neighborhoods. *We need at least 24 hours to organize this Review Visit, kindly don't book last minute.

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