Review Awakened Futures Summit 2019

San Francisco | Mission Bay Conference Center

Join us at the Consciousness Hacking Awakened Futures Summit on May 18th and 19th to explore the intersection of psychedelics, technology and meditation in the modern age. Amazing speakers, panels, breakout sessions, interactive experiences and much more. The conference will bring together researchers, teachers, visionaries, entrepreneurs and changemakers, exploring vital questions such as: - How can psychedelics, tech and meditation be combined to create new transformative tools leveraging the best of each? - ​Could modern tech ever replace organic molecules and traditional practices as a means of shifting consciousness? - How do we preserve the wisdom of the ancient traditions as we move forward into the technologically-enhanced future? This will not be your typical conference, but a participatory and interactive experience with lots of space for small group discussion, the burning questions from panelists and conventions with your favorite speaker in an intimate way around specific themes. Don`t miss the Morning Ceremonies with cacao drinking, meditation, music, technology and deep group experience. Join Speaker-led Lunch Groups to nourish your mind and tummy as you share a bite with a speaker of your choice. Dance the night away with live music and ecstatic DJs at Saturday Night Party. Explore the exhibition to try the latest and greatest innovations in the space. Or simply chill-out with a cup of tea and a fellow loving human in the cozy Lounge!

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