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Review a high-tech hot pot dining experience at Chubby Cattle! The cuisine here was inspired by Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese philosophies of medicine and healing. As the first restaurant in the world to provide refrigerated conveyor belt based hotpot meals, they take pride in using ingredients that provide essential health benefits and savory tastes. Just imagine! They allow all soups to brew for eight hours to ensure a delectable experience for fellow foodies. The meal is served in a simmering metal pot filled with a scrumptious broth. Around the broth are a number of tasty and raw sides including thinly sliced meats, shrimps, crabs, lobster and scallops as well as fresh veggies, and their famous handmade noodles. You may choose which sides you want and allow them to sizzle until they are cooked to your personal level of doneness. To make the meals even tastier, try a Chubby Cattle signature dipping sauce or famous hot sauce. The dessert menu is small yet pretty sustainable, featuring sweet Pumpkin Pancakes, Durian pie, and fruit Hot Pot. **We need 24-48 hours to arrange this experience. If you book last minute, we might need to reschedule to a new date.

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