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So you still don’t know what a Biskie is? Help us create content about Cutter & Squidge, London’s only 100% all natural bakery, located in 20 Brewer St., Soho. The Biskie is their Signature Product, a sandwiched dessert that is a cross between a cake and a cookie filled with a cream and other delights such as handmade jams and award winning salted caramel. Yum yum? Well, there is more to come. It’s a modern health conscious bakery. All natural products, real British ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, well-balances fat and sugar content - "just as much as needed to make something delicious". It’s the place where they invent new products or recreate time honored classics and experiment with flavors. Home of the Biskie, a sandwiched dessert filled with a light buttercream, Dream Cakes, they also serve a unique Afternoon Tea. Voted one of the top 10 in London by The Debrief, their Afternoon Tea is served in bamboo steamers with 3 layers - one with a selection of mini sandwiches and smoked cheese scones; one with C&S signature Biskie, a slice Dream Cake and a special mousse; and a final layer with an assortment of little sweet treats, including handmade marshmallow, brownie, cake truffle and their very own soft serve ice cream. Explore new tastes and textures with C&S. And get your taste buds back on track! *Depending on when you book, we might need 24-48 to arrange your reservation. If you book last minute, we might need to reschedule to a new date.

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