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Richmond County | Riggers Loft

Yippee! Oysters here! We're looking for the Hype influencers who will help us review an unforgettable Oyster Sunday at Riggers Loft - the East Bay’s go-to location for treats, wine, relaxation and good music. Haven't been here before? Well, now you have a real opportunity to lay hands on this place:) That's where you'll find a collective wine bar, tasting room, working winery and cidery, it is home to principal owners R&B Cellars, as well as Carica Wines, and Far West Cider Company. Oyster Sunday is a fun way to experience the winery. Raw oysters on the half? Grilled oysters with pesto & parmesan? You can try both. Fabulous Wines & Ciders will be available by the glass to pair with your oysters. The extraordinary Bay views will be the backdrop to this comfortable meeting place where locals far and wide come to relax with friends over wine, cider, food, live music and other regular events. Come tasting with your pooch as Riggers Loft welcomes canines.

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