Review Personalized Cocktails at The Bletchley

London | The Bletchley

Want to try a unique experience and great fun? A unique cocktail bar? Join us and use the WW2 Enigma machines and protocols and Sherlock's deduction principles to create personalized cocktail recipes. The recipes will be ciphered, for these to stay a secret between and you and their agents. Forever. Your night at the Bletchley will consist of several secret missions and codes ranging from easy to a little more complicated which you have to break to “earn” yourselves cocktails. And quite magical cocktails at that; each one created and mixed to suit your personal choices during the tasks. Something sweet, something sour, flower petals, complicated embellishments, even smoke and other lovely flavors & scents to enjoy. The Bletchley serves creative and delicious tailored cocktails while you chit chat and solve puzzles and clues. The staff in The Bletchley is absolutely brilliant, they remain in character the whole time and they are very welcoming and friendly. It's code cracking and cocktail drinking fun!

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