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This Saturday! Pez cantina will host live music to accompany your food and drinks! It will perfectly combine with your romantic mood and will leave unforgettable impressions! Only this Saturday, June 8. Don't miss this chance to enjoy an amazing ambiance, live music, and delicious food. Pez Cantina is a sustainable Coastal Mexican-style restaurant and bar serving the freshest sea-to-land dishes in an oasis-type atmosphere. Inspired by his travels to Loreto, a sleepy fishing town in Baja California, Mexico, and his marriage into a Mexican family, Bret captures the complexity and spirit of the food he has developed a strong love and passion for. Pez Cantina’s menu focuses on dishes from the many distinct regions of Mexico: from Baja to Oaxaca, to the Yucatan Peninsula. Items like fresh Ceviches and Cocteles, Chilaquiles with Chicharron, an array of salsa selections and seasonal chef specials please the senses. A fine-tuned selection of bright and eclectic cocktails, California-focused wine list and craft beers, round out the Pez Cantina menu. The focus of Pez Cantina’s design is “Ocean Meets Land”. Authentic Mexican fixtures, nautical hues, and weathered wood accents decorate their 125-seat indoor dining space. Their outdoor “jardín” offers the perfect place to relax, dine, and drink alongside a flowing Cantera fountain, lush landscaping and stunning vistas of the downtown skyline. Be sure to make Pez Cantina the destination for your next casual or fine dining experience.

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