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New York | Bogart House

Hey, NY Hypers! Help us create content about NYC's Ball Pit Party while getting in touch with your inner child and reliving your favorite ball pit moments! Can you imagine over 500,000 balls dropped into a large giant adult ball pit? :) The Festival of Balls is the original and first of it's kind Ball Pit Bar. Like no other event, this fun pop up bar concept, that has already taken Australia by storm, touring multiple cities nationwide before embarking on an international tour, will now place thousands of balls into an adult playground bar in NY. Ball Pit Party is an adult wonderland combining the playground in the basement and an awesome bar serving your favorite cocktails alongside top DJ's spinning tunes all day! Release your inner kidult and dive into this ultimate adult playpen. See up to 1,000,000 LED illuminated, glow-in-the-dark balls placed into an adult playground bar. Swim through the pit as many times as you like within your time slot and watch the lights pulsate in time with music from a live DJ set! The event has been hugely popular around the world - don’t miss out! Age requirement: 21+ with valid ID

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