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London | La Bodega Negra

La Bodega Negra is one of London’s best nights out. It has become part of the London vernacular. It has re-shaped the form of London dining, it fuses theatre, bonhomie and outstanding Mexican food and drink - all under one roof. The restaurant itself is made up of intricately decorated rooms that are sexy, secretive and naughty, glowing with mystery and exclusivity. It is a secret cellar, an undiscovered gem - a deconstructed glamorous party scene, with DJ’s and an atmosphere that is informal and laid back, yet glossy and high octane. The food is consistently delicious, and challenges preconceptions about Mexican food. It’s bold, bright, tasty and fresh. This food is to be shared and enjoyed. Mariscos and tacos are the house specialities, and the wood burning grill producing killer meat and fish dishes. The drinks at La Bodega Negra are made for party nights. The margaritas and classic cocktails, along with the music and atmosphere, are why people stay all night long.

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