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The New CBD Sundae is Here! Humphry Slocombe is experimenting with cannabidiol with the new CBD Sundae, a CBD-infused blondie topped with Strawberry Blondie ice cream (strawberry with white chocolate blondie pieces) and hot fudge. The CBD is sourced from Nanogen Labs, an East Bay company touting advanced infusion technology for edible products. While you’re unlikely to feel any psychoactive effects after consumption, this is an admittedly chill-inducing sundae, even for a consumer with a high tolerance. Humphry Slocombe chef and co-owner Jake Godby is known for creating unexpected, sophisticated, and inventive ice creams. One of only three flavors offered daily among an ever-changing roster of creative ice creams, the wildly popular Secret Breakfast stands out as a prime example of what Humphry Slocombe is all about. Godby says much of the ice cream's success can be attributed to its quirky name, which he and a friend came up with before there was even a recipe. Godby had been making bourbon ice cream for a while before the shop opened, and had the idea to pair it with corn flakes as a nod back to breakfast and the fact that bourbon is made from corn. While a bourbon and corn flake ice cream is certainly unusual, Godby explains that it's actually based on some pretty classic flavor combinations: bourbon and vanilla and ice cream and cookies.

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