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Les Gourmands Baker was founded by a French family, who have chosen to propose reality-live artisan experience of life by only recruiting zero experience bakers. Owner Nairone is a French artist born in the north of France in the early 90’s. The pop art was very inspiring for Nairone especially Roy Lichtenstein’s work which connects with the popular imagery of the time. Today, Nairone collaborates with Les Gourmands as they both have the same values: the pleasure of Great FOOD, sharing EDUCATION, and of course the love of ART. The ingredients are locally supplied, organic and each piece is shaped by hand respecting the artisan style. All of the products you will find at Les Gourmands are based on family recipes; you could enjoy a range of 10ish types of croissants.; the good old plain, the pain chocolate (or chocolate croissant ), hazelnuts croissant, pistachio, California almond croissant, and many more.

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