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Mary and Michael Gassen, are the husband and wife founding team behind Noe Valley Bakery. Michael is the master baker and Mary is the strategic leader. They are proud to have built a team of bakers and service professionals who delight in taking care of each other and serving the community. The Noe Valley location is focused on getting you what you need and getting you on your way. While the location is small, it is complete with bakery case, cupcake, cases, bread selections and coffee bar — and the team is ready and waiting for your order. For the team, a bakery is everything that’s right with a neighborhood. They love working dough in the early hours of the morning, the satisfyingly straight rows of baguette, and too-adorable-to-eat cupcakes. They love putting smiles on the faces of little ones, prepping for the big meeting with a great breakfast, and giving an excuse to lingering with an old friend. They love every single minute of being your San Francisco neighborhood bakery. Help us create content about this gem!

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