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In the mood for something strong? It`s time to review mindblowing cocktails at a recently re-opened Hercules Bar in Soho. The concept behind this cool bar is that their cocktails are made up and bottled in their lab (yes lab!) downstairs behind the scenes. Staff is, therefore, able to carbonate the mixtures and serve up the cocktails in no time at all. The main feature is that Hercules retains the critical elements of any pub: wooden fittings, bentwood barstools, elbow-height tables, dark moody walls, and a stained glass window inlaid into the ceiling. There’s even a picture of the modern Hercules himself above the bar. As for the cocktail list itself, they’ve got a fair lineup. You can expect among others: - Whisky Highball blended using American, Irish, Australian & Scotch base spirits + little botanical mixer, and some lavender mist. - New version of the classic Americano with usual vermouth & bitters and some a slice of Americana jelly too. - Straight Up Mary made completely of clear clarified tomato, truffled maple, and tomato vine vodka to create a transparent-yet-intensely-tomatoey Mary. - Old King Coal created from fig vinegar and blended with caramel & Champagne... And dozens more, including Gimlets, Mahattans, Dirty Martinis, Old Fashioneds.

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