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How about helping us review a mouthwatering selection of inventive dining goods, cooling cocktails and fresh smoothies? An all-day independent coffee shop & cocktail bar Boki in Seven Dials is a perfect place to eat, drink and socialize. It puts its focus on delicious flavors, authentic, quality ingredients and a unique stamp on design. Offering an evening menu that features exciting small plates, paired with wines, aperitifs, cocktails, craft beer & ciders. This unique spot is must-visit for anyone who enjoys their coffee strong and their meal with a kick. The coffee is by Allpress, their house espresso blend is to Boki's tastes, the best espresso on the market - a blend of Brazilian, Columbian, Guatemalan & Sumatran beans that create a full-bodied, well-rounded coffee with rich chocolate and caramel alongside brighter notes.

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