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London | The Bloomsbury Club

Step into the hidden world of The Bloomsbury Club Bar this September and allow the Cocktail Diviner to guide your evening and expose your deepest desires. The bar’s new set of 14 cocktails correspond to 14 states of mind or being. Upon arrival at the bar, guests must allow the Diviner to guide their emotions, exposing their secret yearnings and allowing it to provide a perfect tonic to their state of mind. If Melancholy has descended upon you, a sip of Persian Mist (Luksusowa Vodka, Tesseron Cognac Composition, East India Cream Sherry, Indonesian Coffee, Persian Damask Blossom, Golden Double Cream) will lift your heavy spirits. For a night of Seduction, the ingredients in Forbidden Fruit (The Botanist Gin, Crab Apple Cordial, Beurre Noisette, Green Chartreuse, Bramley & Braeburn Apples, Apple Oil) will transform idle desire into an enduring love. When you’re feeling Mischievous, the inimitable flavours of Mad Monkey (Avion Plata Tequila, Peach Citric, Egg White, Chilli Tincture, Wasabi & Passion Fruit Dust) promise to curb feelings of recklessness without losing exuberance

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