Review Shipwrecked - A Wild Halloween Yacht Party!

New York | Pier 40 at Hudson River Park

Oct 26th, let’s get wrecked aboard the Audubon Yacht for a costume-themed wild night out on the water. Cruise with the party pros of the sea at THE premier Halloween New York City event of 2019. Dance, drink, take in the sights of NYC from afar on a glorious night, then return to shore at midnight feeling like a real zombie. Get your costume together and cruise for an unforgettable Halloween New York City yacht party. Sail atop The Hudson River for three-hours of excitement and sights. As you board, live DJ will be cutting up a mix of the bangers made to make the dancefloor busy. They’ll also have bartenders waiting to serve you up something nice to sip on at the multiple bars aboard. The Audubon Yacht has all the amenities needed to rock the boat. Sporting spacious climate-controlled interiors with tastefully placed LED lighting throughout, a built-in sound system, and a sky deck to top it all off. That skyline looks even better at night, and you’ll get a good up-close look at Lady Liberty herself, among other landmarks.

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8:30 PM - 12:00 AM

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