London | Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo is one of my fave places to eat especially when I’m in Soho! It's mostly very busy and there's always a queue outside. One of the reasons is because not only do they serve good food, but the price is very reasonable! I’ve been visiting Eat Tokyo in Soho lots of times and have been impressed with the service I receive from the staff! In this particular visit, I opted for the Gyu-don (Beef Bowl with rice) and it was very delicious! Other meal options I tend to order are the Pork Katsu curry (Regular size will do!), Bento Box, Ramen and Gesu-Kara (Fried Squid). After lunch on a weekday is fairly not too busy if you visit this place! When you do, you will be greeted with ”Irashaismase!” which is ”Welcome!” in Japanese. This is a Japanese tradition when you enter a restaurant!