Brrrrrrim with joy!


We all know that ICEBAR is an iconic place in London, a must-see venue that we always plan to visit, but as often happens we delay to do it because we think “you know, it won’t move, I can go any other time”. Well, I advise you, don’t hesitate and go and pay a visit to this one-of-a-kind spot.

Brrrrrrim with joy!
Brrrrrrim with joy!

I’ve been lucky enough to witness the opening of the new ice installation Valhalla Calling based on Norse mythology - and it’s gorgeous: white dragons and glacial thrones while sipping Berninis in a glass made of ice. They showcased free liquor shots as part of the experience. It tasted like heaven, especially after your excursion below zero. The night gave us the opportunity to try also fancy cocktails based on vanilla vodka and gin, and amazingly tasty food from the connected Yuu Kitchen. While the bar upstairs is a beautiful mix of fire and ice, the space downstairs is a cosy cavern that speaks of Eastern Asia, with flowers trapped in ice cubes and dragons painted on the wall. And you can admire all that while gulping the best Spring Rolls you’ve ever met. Even if just for curiosity, given the Mayfair prices, I would suggest everyone to give it a go at least once. And I’m sure that you will be so rapt by the place and the beautiful vibe of the whole alley outside the ICEBAR, that you will definitely want to be back again.

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