Homemade in house, Kaylee's Creamery small-batch ice cream definitely came with a twist! Here at Kaylee's Creamery, they strive to provide all customers with the finest artisanal ice cream free of stabilizers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and food coloring. The ingredients are carefully prepared in-house from scratch to freezer to cone.

Interior: simple, cool, and clean. First thing I notice walking inside was how minimalist and spacious it was. I love the plant decor and teal color stools. The interior colors gave it a breezy beachy vibe that calls for a perfect icecream cone! Menu: cute, with a lot of variety, & easy to read. You're allowed to sample any/all the flavors before getting them! Currently with 12 flavors, it changes with the season! I learned that everything is handmade in house and some batches can take days to prepare! I got Coffee Cake (bold coffee ice cream + cinnamon coffee cake streusel), Orchard Road, and Let's Get Ready to Crumble flavor! My favorite was Orchard Road: pandan ice cream with coconut and purple yam. Amazing! Let's Get Ready to Crumble one is a blueberry explosion ice cream. They make it by baking homemade blueberry muffins on the premises; delicious and fragrant, with a buttery sweet crumble and a lemon zest finish. While that cools, they take local fresh blueberries and reduce it with some sugar and lemon juice to create an aromatic and flavorful blueberry jam. Combined with the signature sweet cream base, it tastes like a bite of paradise. Service: careful and sweet. The staff was incredibly patient with me when I was going over the menu. They recommended flavors and flavor combos and offered me samples to try. They made my waffle cone exactly the way I wanted it! I topped my cone with fruity pebbles and chocolate drizzle. It was the biggest cone I've ever got and the staff offered me extra napkins and cups in case it started melting. Excellent service!


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