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Dumpling Time Express is my new go-to spot for some modern dimsum! I’ve been going to Dumpling Time for a while now and have been in love with it ever since I’ve discovered it. The biggest issue was that there was always such a long line (waited up to 60 minutes before). I’m so glad that Dumpling Time Express opened up right down the street of Dumpling Time! It’s less than a 5 minute walk. 

This location is really quaint and filled with sweet staff. There is an open kitchen so you can see the chefs preparing the food and the dumplings being made fresh! They also have outdoor seating, bar seating, and regular indoor seating.


The menu is relatively the same as Dumpling Time and I was fortunate enough to try these items:
 Seafood Gyoza - This was my favorite dish! There was shrimp, scallop, and other seafood inside wrapped with green skin. It was so good and crunchy! The sauce was also to die for. Chicken Bao - This is my second favorite dish, the chicken is so chewy and the bun is the perfect pairing. I love eating this with their spicy chili oil. The King Bao - It was super cute! It’s the size of my hand and they provide you with a boba straw to poke through the Xiao Long Bao. You slurp up the soup first and then eat everything inside. 

Other items that were delicious: the trio dessert buns (I love the milk custard the most), the shu mai, and the beef udon! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is craving asian food!

More Info: check us!

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