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Absolutely loved this location - the Spa Expedience is based in the Ironmonger Row Baths which used to be public baths and then were turned into Turkish Baths. We were welcomed by the lovely staff and given flip flops straight away, meaning no indoor dirt inside the spa! Whilst the interiors are super vintage and mid-century modern, the facilities are indeed the 21st century! The locker rooms have electronic locks so no fiddly keys or worrying about bringing a lock pad.


We had a chance to chill out in the relaxation room prior to our massages which were a lovely touch - the litigating is low and warm and the beds are huge and come with blankets. So we booked massages as a couple and decided to try out the Hot Stone and La Sultane De Saba Malaysian Bamboo. Our massages happened like clockwork and we had a private room together. My partner had the hot stone which is super warm and relaxing, and you get to be massaged with hot stones and hot oils which is very pleasant. My massage included a combination of hot oil massaging and being rolled with a bamboo stick which is great for stiff and sore muscles. The staff were both super attentive and made sure that we had the pressure required at all times - I’m super sensitive so I was well looked after. Once we were done, and feeling an ultimate chill, we went back to the relaxation room to absorb the essential oils from the massages and then went off to make the most of the Hammam Turkish Spas. There were two different saunas, one herbal and one super hot which were generously spacious. We also tried both the steam rooms - one with eucalyptus and the other with orange and lemon scent. I really enjoyed this as they were also super spacious and had plenty of steam without feeling too hot. In between the sessions, we tried out the ice, helping close pores and the monsoon shower which was probably what a real monsoon spa feels like. Such a lovely experience, in a pleasantly huge space in central London - even overhears a few others say it’s better than any other spa in the area!

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