Nail and bar in one!

London | London Grace Putney

London Grace is one of my favourite places to go with friends when we want a girls day. Manicures and cocktails are always a great idea! The technicians are all so lovely and make you feel welcome. They also don’t rush you once your done with your treatment, which is great as some nail salons can make you feel like your on a production line. You can finish your cocktail and relax. It’s a place I will return to time and time again.

Nail and bar in one!
Nail and bar in one!

There’s are lots of London Grace locations over London. Putney is my favourite as it’s the first one I ever visited. I like how the light comes in through the windows and it’s quite open. The salon is beautiful and I love the LG light up sign they have and all the quotes on the walls. My favourite one is ‘the only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying. Other than that, watch out’. It’s so true! There’s so many beautiful colours to choose from whether you want a regular polish or gel. I usually go for normal polish but this time I opted for gel. Their are more gel colours to choose from than the regular. I went for untitled bronze as I wanted something sparkly but subtle for new year. My friend chose lavender lace which was a lovely colour too. I like that the manicures are eco friendly and dry, the finished polish and your cuticles look perfect. The result is no different to when your nails are soaked first which shows it’s not needed! The technicians are very quick and thorough with your manicure. They also ask you want to want regarding shape and length. The cocktails here are amazing, just like one you’d get in a cocktail bar. We got a rossini and lychee martini which both tasted great and looked pretty too. If your not in an alcohol mood they also have great range of teas, coffees and soft drinks. Their coffee is very good, I’ve had it on a previous visit.

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