Mont58 is a GREAT idea!

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With Corona and lockdown, I'd had to surrender my runs to my local coffee shop. Eager for delicious coffee I decided to try out Mont58. I'm always eager to support independent stores across London.

Mont58 is a GREAT idea!
Mont58 is a GREAT idea!

They sent me Ethiopian and Costa Rican coffee. I love that they ask you your brewing method and grind coffee specially for it. I made a latte with Oat milk (frothed) and prepared my coffee in a stovetop press and I swear I couldn't tell the difference from my local specialty coffee shop. They also have a subscription either of a particular coffee and a tasting subscription where you get to taste the latests coffees from their roastery which I think is particularly cool. With the subscription you save 10% of the cost of the bag and delivery is FREE. Coffees are fair trade and some even organic. It has traceability which means it can be traced back to the farmers and co-ops that grow it all over the world. The coffee bags are recyclable and also really, really easy to re-seal! Thanks to Mont58 I'm super eager to have my morning coffee every day. Feels like such a unique experience.

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