Smokers and Jokers! DIY Afghan Nacos

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Discovering new food is such a pleasure and in London, I feel we are so lucky to be able to try new things probably a bit easier than other regions of the UK and perhaps even against other cities in the world. I for one had not tried Afghan tacos and also BBQd so I just had to satisfy my intrigue and try the meal kit from Cue Point London. These guys are delivering a bbq meat feast taco kit that you prepare in the comfort of your own home.

Smokers and Jokers! DIY Afghan Nacos
Smokers and Jokers! DIY Afghan Nacos

Now of course with any takeout meal, the key to hitting the convenience button is of course making it easy for the diner and Cue Point London have indeed hit that nail on the head with their vacuum packed meat that simply arrives and pop in simmering water. The special thing about this over your normal delivery is that yes you need to wait another 20 minutes but boy it’s worth it as they are effectively sou vide, ensuring that the meats are piping hot ready to enjoy those bbq smokey flavours in restaurant standard temperatures. Now onto the meal, I tried the brisket beef and lamb with their own fluffy bread style tacos (think tiny pittas that you pop in the toaster but a whole load better). Served with this are a selection of delicious dressings and flavourings including a crunchy red slaw, pickle jam and chilli and garlic oils just packed with flavour and ready for your assembly. After toasting your tacos, heating your meats and assembling, the guys at Cue Point have given you instructions on how to assemble each version, which is super! When opening the meat packs you have just heated, what hits you and smacks you right in the chops is the SMOKE! The SMOKE!! wow it really is no exaggeration! The way these guys have mastered their art in bbq perfection! The beef is truly a thing of lip smacking beauty being a 16-hour oak smoked beef brisket that I read requires a master, with regular turning, wrapping and smoking. The bbq beef just falls apart and is perfectly rendered down with awesome flavour, this paired with the slaw and pickles accompanying the kit is out of this world. The lamb again was super smokey and tender with the perfect amount of fat to not make it too greasy but just enough to ensure that you retain 100% flavour. Perfectly cooked, pink and delicious! I will be definitely visiting these guys in W12 to their super stylish diner to try the rest of their smokey menu when we can. In the mean time you can get this true taste of perfect bbq, (all halal) via this superb delivery to your door! Cue Point is headed up by self-dubbed #smokersandjokers Joshua Moroney and Mursal Saiq. As their website says, ”Think BBQ with a twist ~ taco style Afghan naans topped with 16hr smoked beef brisket, these smoky sensations have to be tasted to be believed.” And boy is this such an understatement!! Thanks @cuepointldn and @hype_experiences_london for arranging this smokey media delivery!

More Info: Cue Point Website

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